The Gulf of Mexico deep end is out of sight, but not out of mind

When thinking about the Gulf of Mexico, coastal resources tend to come to mind: oysters, beaches, wetlands. However, there is a whole other set of resources and ecosystem services offshore in the open ocean that make the Gulf of Mexico such a dynamic and productive ecosystem. With support from the NOAA RESTORE Science Program, Tracey … Continue reading

RESCHEDULED: Webinar on Building Partnerships for Actionable Science

RESCHEDULED: On Wednesday, June 30, the Science Program will host the second webinar in our ‘How to Co-Produce’ webinar series that explores how to advance partnerships among researchers and resource managers through the use of co-production practices. This second webinar will focus on the important practice of building interdisciplinary relationships and the rewards that can … Continue reading

What made Hurricanes Michael, Laura, and Sally so strong?

Hurricane Michael It has been a record-breaking hurricane season thus far, with several storms striking the U.S. Gulf coast, and more than one getting stronger as the storm moved northward and made landfall. Dr. Brian Dzwonkowski of the University of South Alabama and Dauphin Island Sea Lab has identified a sequence of events that led … Continue reading