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Barrier Island Seagrass Community Restoration

Full Title: A decision-driven integrated ecosystem approach to maximize benefits of barrier island restoration and management of the Chandeleur Islands for seagrass and associated communities This project will scope and design a plan to address the uncertainties of restoring seagrasses and associated communities along barrier islands in Louisiana, which will inform the restoration and long-term … Continue reading

Seagrass Restoration & Resiliency

Full Title: Building resilience into seagrass bed restoration: The role of genetic variation This project will work to reduce the uncertainties of seagrass restoration by considering the impacts of genetic variation in remaining seagrass beds. Photo by Whitney Scheffel Photo by Anastasia Konefal Lead Investigator: T. Erin Cox, University of New Orleans, Natural Resource … Continue reading


Turtlegrass Full Title: Gulf-wide assessment of habitat use and habitat-specific production estimates of nekton in turtlegrass (Thalassia testudinum) This project assesses the use of turtlegrass by finfish and shellfish across the northern Gulf Mexico and evaluates the specific ways seagrass supports blue crabs, a commercially important species. The Team: Kelly M. Darnell (Lead Investigator, The … Continue reading