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Science Plan


The science plan for the NOAA RESTORE Science Program lays out the path forward for the Program. It explains how the legislative requirements of the RESTORE Act led to the Program’s mission and goal. The plan also establishes ten long-term research priorities which will guide how the Program invests its funds and explains the process by which these areas of investment were determined. Additionally, the plan provides information on how the Program is administered and the partners with which the Program will leverage future opportunities.

Contents of the Science Plan

Executive Summary

Section I: Program Overview

  1. RESTORE Act Section 1604
  2. Program Vision, Goal, and Outcomes
  3. Research Scope, Short- and Long-term Priorities
  4. Synthesis and Integration
  5. NOAA’s Roles
  6. Geographic Scope
  7. Engagement

Section II. Long-term Priorities

Section III. Program Structure and Administration

  1. Program Management Structure
  2. Consultation and Coordination
  3. Program Parameters
  4. Funding Opportunities and Competitive Process
  5. Environmental Compliance
  6. Data and Information Sharing

Section IV. Summary

Appendices I and II. Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico Science and Restoration Initiatives – Overview and Program Descriptions

For a high resolution copy of the science plan for printing, click here.

Link Between Science Plan Framework and Science Plan

The science plan framework served as the foundation for the development of the science plan. The plan expands on many of the elements covered in the framework providing greater detail on how the Program will be executed. The plan also includes new information such as the long-term research priorities for the Program and a description of the process used to identify them. Because this plan grew out of the framework, the plan incorporated the stakeholder input gathered and assimilated during the construction of the framework.