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Overview of FFO-2023 - Actionable Science

This federal funding opportunity (full announcement) provides natural resource managers, researchers, and other stakeholders with the chance to compete for funding to conduct a collaborative, previously planned research project that informs a specific management decision impacting natural resources in the Gulf of Mexico.

This funding opportunity supports the co-production of actionable science by providing funding to established teams of researchers, natural resource managers, and stakeholders to collaboratively execute a previously planned (i.e., scoped and designed) research project and apply its findings and products to a future natural resource management decision. At least one natural resource manager must either lead or be on each project team.

This funding opportunity is now closed. Awards will likely be made in September 2023.


This announcement invites proposals that request funding for researcher, resource manager, and stakeholder teams to execute a previously planned, collaborative research project, develop its findings and products, transfer them to an identified resource manager or management body, and apply them to a specific Gulf of Mexico natural resource management decision.

Amount of Funding

NOAA is making approximately $15 million available through this competition to fund approximately 10 projects for up to five years. 

Key Dates

The deadline for Letters of Intent has passed. If you submitted a Letter of Intent and did not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at

The deadline for Full Proposals has passed. Given the impact of Hurricane Ian on the Gulf coast, the Science Program extended the deadline for full proposals to this competition 15 days from the original deadline, which was November 15, 2022. Only applicants who submitted complete Letters of Intent by the deadline were eligible to submit a Full Proposal. Full Proposals must be submitted electronically via

View the Recorded Webinar for the Full Proposal

The Science Program will held two webinars to describe the requirements and review process for full proposals on September 22 and 26. You can view the recorded webinar below. 

View the full presentation PDF here

View the Recorded Webinar Announcing the Competition

The Science Program will held two webinars to introduce the funding competition and answer questions on July 6 and 14. You can view the recorded webinar below. 

View the full presentation PDF here

Additional Information