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NOAA RESTORE Science Program Announces Virtual Engagement Sessions on Science Plan

The NOAA RESTORE Science Program will be hosting six virtual engagement sessions in November where the program will provide a short overview of it’s recently released science plan, explain the public comment process for the plan, answer questions, and and ask participants a couple of questions about the plan which are listed below.

Attendees are encouraged to review the plan prior to joining a session. The draft science plan is available on the program’s website.

The virtual engagement sessions are open to anyone interested in learning more about the science plan. Each session is limited to the first 100 participants, so attendees are encouraged to join a few minutes early. Each session is anticipated to last about 30 minutes. To join a session, please go to this site at one of the times scheduled below

Select the “Enter as a Guest” option and enter your name on the log-in page.

Audio: 888-530-3010 pin 2930343


Tuesday, November 4, 10 AM Eastern, 9 AM Central

Thursday, November 6, 4 PM Eastern, 3 PM Central

Wednesday, November 12, 2 PM Eastern, 1 PM Central

Thursday, November 13, 12 PM Eastern, 11 AM Central

Friday, November 14, 1 PM Eastern, 12 PM Central

Monday, November 17, 1:30 PM Eastern, 12:30 PM Central


Participants will have the choice to answer the following questions:

Question 1: Is there anything major missing from the draft science plan? (250 character answer limit)

Question 2: The identified long-term research priorities list several example activities under each priority. Are there other example activities you would like to bring to our attention? (250 character answer limit)

Question 3: What long-term research priority do you think needs to be addressed immediately?

Question 4: Did you find this session useful? A. Very useful B. Useful C. Somewhat useful D. Not useful

Question 5: How would you suggest we improve these sessions in the future? (250 character answer limit)


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