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NOAA RESTORE Science Program Update

NOAA continues to make progress in its development of the NOAA RESTORE Science Program and is advancing towards release of the science plan for the Program and the Program’s initial federal funding opportunity (FFO). Additional details on both releases are below along with information on an upcoming engagement opportunity.

Science Plan
NOAA continues to develop the science plan which will guide the Program’s activities in the long-term. NOAA anticipates releasing the plan for public comment this fall. In addition to being able to submit written comments on the plan, the public will be invited to a series of virtual engagement events where the plan will be explained and the public can provide feedback on the plan.

Initial FFO
The Program has also developed an initial FFO based on the Program’s short-term priorities as outlined in the science plan framework. These short-term priorities were shaped by public input and NOAA is looking forward to the release of this FFO. Once the Treasury Department officially publishes the regulations covering the Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund in the Federal Register on Friday, August 15, this FFO can undergo the last step in the review process prior to being released. Additional information on this initial FFO can be found in this recently released Federal Register Notice and within the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Program’s website.

Conference Session
For those planning to attend the 7th National Summit on Coastal and Estuarine Restoration, please look for a session on science initiatives in the Gulf of Mexico where NOAA will be sharing the latest information on the Program.


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