Red Snapper Tool

Full Title: A decision support tool for evaluating the impacts of short- and long-term management decisions on the Gulf of Mexico red snapper resource

Lead Investigator (Institution): Yuying Zhang (Florida International University)

Co-investigators (Institution): Daniel Goethel (NOAA)Matthew Smith (NOAA), and Stuart Carlton (Texas Sea Grant)

Technical Monitor: John Froeschke (john.froeschke@gulf

Award Amount: $528,945

Award Period: June 1, 2017 – May 31, 2020

Summary: The management of red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico has been challenging and recent stock assessment reports have stated the need for a management strategy evaluation tool to test the effectiveness of different long-term management strategies and short-term management regulations to meet the goals for the fishery. This project will develop such a tool in three stages. In stage one, a computer model of the fishery and all its components, which includes information from the current stock assessment and snapper management information, will be developed and validated to serve as the foundation of the tool. In stage two, the tool development team will conduct extensive simulations using the model to evaluate its performance in assessing various management strategies, such as long-term harvest control and short-term regulations. Throughout the development of the tool, the team will seek input and recommendations for the group of expected end users including the Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council and various state and federal agencies. In stage three, the development team will work with these end users to construct the graphical user interface and conduct outreach and promotion of the tool with stakeholders.