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Funding Opportunities 2021 – 2023

The science and restoration programs working in the Gulf of Mexico understand the need for stakeholders to remain informed of future funding opportunities. To this end, they have collectively developed a calendar consolidating currently planned funding opportunities in order to keep stakeholders informed and help grant applicants plan ahead and submit their high-quality applications to the appropriate funding opportunity.

This calendar only contains information on currently planned future opportunities as of February 2021. Additional opportunities and details may be released as funding programs develop and finalize their funding opportunities, especially for years 2022 and beyond. The calendar only includes a subset of programs in the Gulf region that have received funding as a consequence of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Download a printable calendar or click on one of the opportunities below to view additional information.

NOAA RESTORE Science Program

Details 2021 2022 2023
Funding Opportunity Name Research and Application – Actionable Science
Amount $10–15M
Length of Awards 3-4 years
Expected Number of Awards ~10
Release Date Spring 2022
Letter of Intent Required Y
Letter of Intent Deadline TBD
Full Proposal Deadline TBD
Topic Actionable science in the Gulf of Mexico region focused on informing a specific natural resource management decision
Additional Information TBD
Link to Funding Opportunity TBD

NOAA RESTORE Science Program

Funding Opportunity NameSynthesis  Synthesis
Amount$1M  $1M
Length of Awards1-2 years  1-2 years
Expected Number of Awards2-6 projects  2-6 projects
Release DateLate 2021 or Early 2022  Late 2023
Letter of Intent RequiredTBD  TBD
Letter of Intent DeadlineTBD  TBD
Full Proposal DeadlineTBD  TBD
TopicScientific synthesis focused on the use of large datasets by multidisciplinary teams to gain new insights into ecological processes in the Gulf of Mexico Scientific synthesis focused on the use of large datasets by multidisciplinary teams to gain new insights into ecological processes in the Gulf of Mexico
Additional InformationNA  NA
Link to Funding OpportunityTBD  TBD

NAS Gulf Research Program

Funding opportunities with the National Academy of Sciences Gulf Research Program are expected to be released in early 2021. They will be:

Innovative Community Engagement Methods: This funding opportunity will support implementation or testing of innovative, science-based community engagement methods at the local level. 

Using Data to Inform Decision Making: This funding opportunity will promote the access, use and integration of science data and analysis to inform decision-making related to planning, policy, or project implementation at the local level.

More details on these opportunities will be available soon. Please contact Daniel Burger for more information or visit our website.

Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council

The RESTORE Council funds and implements projects and programs through its eleven state and federal members. Individual Council member agencies may solicit proposals for projects and/or programs from any entity and the general public that they can then submit to the Council for funding consideration. 

Each state represented on the RESTORE Council has established their own website to describe the process established to identify priority projects, and for the public to submit projects for funding under various programs, including the RESTORE Council.

In 2019-20 the Council solicited proposals for its next funded priorities list (FPL 3b). The draft FPL 3b was released in November 2020. Following a 50-day public review and comment period, The Council will review comments on the draft FPL 3b that are received by the close of the public comment and review period, and release a response to those public comments. The Council anticipates voting on the draft FPL 3b in spring of 2021. Opportunities for public engagement with Council-led activities can be found on the Council’s website. Subscribe to receive RESTORE EBlast email updates for the most current news from the Council.

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund

NFWF anticipates carrying out one project selection cycle per year. NFWF will begin the project review process each spring through intense consultation with state and federal resource agencies. NFWF will consult with state natural resource agencies, NOAA, and US FWS to identify projects that meet conditions of the plea agreements to be supported by the fund. NFWF retains sole authority to make final decisions.  For more information please visit the Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund website at:

Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) Trustee Council

The NRDA Trustee Council will implement restoration projects and monitoring and adaptive management projects through Restoration Plans developed and funded by the Trustee Implementation Groups (TIGs). Additionally, strategic restoration planning and programmatic monitoring and adaptive management activities may be funded by the TIGs through TIG resolutions. Each of the TIGs provides opportunities for the public to offer restoration project ideas through the Trustee Council project idea submission database as well as through project idea submission databases run by each of the five Gulf States:

You can also sign up at to receive NRDA Trustee Council email updates, which include requests for project ideas as each TIG begins work on a new restoration plan.

Florida RESTORE Act Centers of Excellence Program

Funding opportunities with the Florida RESTORE Act Centers of Excellence Program are still in development and are expected to be released in mid-2021. Please contact Cam Ngo for more information or visit our website.

Mississippi Based RESTORE Act Center of Excellence (MBRACE)

The Mississippi Based RESTORE Act Center of Excellence anticipates releasing a competition in 2023. The specific details for this competition have not been determined yet. You can find more information on our website.

RESTORE Act Center of Excellence for Louisiana (LA-COE)

Funding Opportunity NameRFP 2 The RESTORE Act Center of Excellence for Louisiana  
Amount$2.3 million  
Length of Awards2-year or less  
Expected Number of Awards10 awards  
Release DateEarly February 2021  
Letter of Intent RequiredYes  
Letter of Intent DeadlineTBD  
Full Proposal DeadlineTBD  
TopicProjects submitted for these awards must support research directly related to the implementation of Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan which guides the state’s coastal restoration and protection work.  
Additional Information“Save the date” was sent on December 18th, 2020.  
Link to Funding OpportunityWebsite  

RESTORE Act Center of Excellence Texas, Texas OneGulf

Texas OneGulf is focused on science driven solutions to Gulf problems. The Texas OneGulf process gathers input from Texas stakeholders and through Texas policy and decision makers, NGOs, business and industry, and human health institutes. Funded projects are selected through a Committee-based Selection Process. Consultation between the Texas OneGulf Consortium Leadership (TOCL) and the Texas OneGulf Agency Council (TOAC), in conjunction with the Strategic Research and Action Plan (SRAP), is used to identify tiered, priority decision-making needs, which are then crafted into research questions that form the basis of proposals from OneGulf members. Proposals must be developed through a co-production process that involves interdisciplinary researchers (as appropriate) and research end-users. It is anticipated that OneGulf Priority Needs will be posted on the Texas OneGulf website in Spring 2021. Contact Dr. Katya Wowk for further information.

Alabama RESTORE Act Center of Excellence Program

Funding Opportunity NameALCOE RFP 1  
Amount~ $5 million  
Length of Awards3 years  
Expected Number of Awards9-12  
Release DateJanuary 4th, 2021  
Letter of Intent RequiredYes  
Letter of Intent DeadlineFriday, February 12, 2021  
Full Proposal DeadlineFriday, March 19, 2021  
TopicCOE priority disciplines (1,2,4,5), climate change, multi-stressor  
Additional Information   
Link to Funding OpportunityTBD  

Treasury Department's Office of Gulf Coast Restoration

Funding Opportunity Name(2 FOAs): RESTORE Act Non-Construction Activities / RESTORE Act Direct Component – Construction & Real Property ActivitiesRESTORE Act Centers of Excellence Research Grants ProgramTBD
Length of Awards1 – 5 years1 – 5 years 
Expected Number of AwardsEligible applicants may submit one or more applicationsEach of five eligible applicants may apply for its share of funds 
Release Date1/1/2021 (extension of existing FOA that expires on 12/31/2020)TBD 
Letter of Intent RequiredN/AN/A 
Letter of Intent DeadlineN/AN/A 
Full Proposal Deadline31-Dec-21TBD 
Topic11 eligible activities described in the RESTORE Act (Sec. 1603)Funds used by those Centers of Excellence for science, technology, and monitoring in one or more of the disciplines specified in RESTORE Act (Sec. 1605) 
Additional InformationN/AN/A 
Link to Funding Opportunity

FOA – Direct Component Non-Construction Activities

FOA – Direct Component Construction & Real Property Activities


Subsea Systems Institute

Details 2021 2022 2023
Funding Opportunity Name   SSI Mission Research  
Amount   $25-100,000 direct costs  
Length of Awards   18 months  
Expected Number of Awards   Six-twelve  
Release Date   Oct-22  
Letter of Intent Required   No  
Letter of Intent Deadline   N/A  
Full Proposal Deadline   11/30/22  
Topic   SSI Mission Research  
Additional Information
Link to Funding Opportunity