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Full Applications Due Nov 14 for NOAA RESTORE Science Program Competition on Long-term Trends

Full applications to the NOAA RESTORE Science Program’s competition on long-term trends in living coastal and marine resources and the processes that drive them are due by October 29, 2018, which is in about four weeks November 14, 2018 due to the extension for Hurricane Michael.

If you have any questions about our response to your pre-proposal or have questions as you develop your full application, please contact me (, 240-429-5966) or Frank Parker (, 301-602-5577) and we will be happy to answer them.

If you decide to prepare a full application, in addition to reviewing the specific feedback you received in Section (1) of your pre-proposal response letter, please also review the general guidance everyone received in Section (3) of the response letter. However, please note that the first bullet in that section should have referenced section I.B.2 in the full announcement rather then section II.B.2.