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Pre-proposal Deadline Approaching for NOAA RESTORE Science Program Competition on Long-term Trends

The deadline for submitting a pre-proposal to the NOAA RESTORE Science Program’s funding competition on long-term trends is rapidly approaching! This competition invites applications that propose to identify, track, understand, and/or predict trends and variability in the Gulf of Mexico’s living coastal and marine resources and the processes driving them. Applicants must propose work that addresses this priority in one or more of these areas of emphasis: 1) exploring trends in multiple species, 2) investigating the link between weather and/or climate and trends, and 3) examining the relationship between trends and economic activity.

To be eligible to submit a full application, you are required to first submit a pre-proposal via email to by 11:59 p.m., Eastern Time on July 30, 2018.

Projects must directly address the needs of resource managers and have a clear plan for how their research findings or products will be used by resource managers.

Please see the full announcement for complete instructions on how to submit a pre-proposal. Additional information including answers to frequently asked questions and a recording of one of our informational webinars can be found on the Science Program’s website.

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