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REMINDER: Letters of Intent due July 8 for NOAA RESTORE Science Program’s Funding Opportunity (FFO-2017)

Letters of intent for the NOAA RESTORE Science Program’s current funding competition (full announcement) are due via email to by 11:59pm., Eastern Time on July 8, 2016. Letters of intent are required for this competition. A full application that is not preceded by a letter of intent will not be considered.

This current funding competition (FFO-2017) is focused on living coastal and marine resources and their habitats and has two priorities: (1) a research priority directed at six specific areas of research and (2) a decision-support tool priority directed at improving the tools available for resource management. Applicants must demonstrate clear connections to relevant management and restoration entities that will use the results of their proposed work. They must define the specific steps they will use to ensure the application of their findings or the decision-support tool they develop. The amount of funding available in this competition is approximately $17 million.

Please see the full announcement for complete instructions on how to submit a letter of intent (due July 8) and a full application (due September 27). Additional information about FFO-2017 may be found on the Science Program’s website.