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Optimizing Coastal Bird Stewardship

Evaluating efficacy of stewardship actions for vulnerable Gulf of Mexico coastal birds through co-production between scientists and resource managers Since 1970, coastal-breeding bird populations have declined significantly due to anthropogenic and environmental threats, such as human disturbance. The project team will develop science-based guidance on stewardship and outreach techniques for the Gulf of Mexico, which … Continue reading

Rehabilitation of Waterbird Nesting Islands

Colony Island Network Design and Implementation (CINDI): a prioritization tool to rehabilitate colony islands along the Texas coast Every four years, Texas creates a list of high priority colonial waterbird nesting islands in need of rehabilitation and decides which projects to implement. Given limited funds and little understanding of an island’s contribution to regional bird … Continue reading

Shorebird Habitat Restoration

Full Title: Restoring coastal wetlands for shorebirds: Leveraging lessons learned to identify research priorities and strategies to maximize future success This project will develop a research and application plan to incorporate elevation profiles into restoration projects to enhance shorebird habitat in the Salt Bayou ecosystem on the upper Texas coast. Lead Investigator: Anna R. Armitage, … Continue reading

Coastal Bird Conservation

Full Title: Designing effective stewardship and post-restoration management plans through co-production to protect vulnerable Gulf of Mexico coastal birds This project will identify uncertainties around the effects of coastal bird stewardship and habitat management actions. Lead Investigator: Nicole L. Michel, National Audubon Society, Natural Resource Managers: Abby Darrah (Audubon Delta), Jeff Gleason (U.S. Fish … Continue reading

Marsh Birds and Fire

Marsh Birds and Fire Full Title: Fire effects in Gulf of Mexico marshes: Historical perspectives, management, and monitoring of mottled ducks and black and yellow rails This project investigates how three bird species of concern (black rail, yellow rail, and mottled duck) respond to different prescribed fire management regimes within high marsh ecosystems across the … Continue reading

Migratory Birds

Migratory Birds Full Title: A multiscale approach to understanding migratory land bird habitat use of functional stopover habitat types and management efforts This project investigated migratory bird use of stopover habitats to inform bird habitat protection and restoration decisions in the Gulf of Mexico region. The Team: Theodore J. Zenzal Jr, Ph.D. (Lead Investigator, U.S. … Continue reading