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Director Announced for the NOAA RESTORE Science Program

Dr. Julien Lartigue has been chosen to be the Director of the NOAA RESTORE Science Program. As Director, Dr. Lartigue will be responsible for leading and directing all aspects of the Program, including planning and administration, strategic and scientific direction, coordinating with partners, engaging internal and external advisory bodies, and facilitating the application of research results and advances stemming from our investments. Dr. Lartigue will be located at NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information facility at the Stennis Space Center in coastal Mississippi and maintain a presence throughout the Gulf Coast. Dr. Lartigue has studied and worked along the Gulf Coast for over 12 years having held positions at the University of Texas at Austin’s Marine Science Institute, the University of South Alabama, and currently at Mississippi State University. He has also worked in the region for NOAA developing partnerships between the agency and universities as part of NOAA’s cooperative institute program. In the past, he has worked closely with the Science Program leading its engagement with stakeholders and incorporating their science needs into the Program’s science plan. His prior research experience includes work on nutrient metabolism in microalgae and macroalgae and controls of primary production, herbivory, and decomposition in ecosystems.

Dr. Lartigue follows in the footsteps of Dr. Becky Allee, who has been leading the NOAA RESTORE Science Program as its acting director since October 2014. Dr. Allee has been with the Program since its beginning and has done tremendous work leading the development of the Program’s science plan.

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