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Dolphin Multiple Stressor Assessments

Co-producing a conceptual model to support assessments of cumulative effects from multiple stressors on Houston area dolphins under CERCLA and OPA Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) decision makers will evaluate whether or not to pursue NRDA claims that include restoration of Houston area bottlenose dolphins potentially injured by releases of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and dioxins, … Continue reading

Manatee Warm-Water Habitat Networks

Full Title: Creating Secure Warm-Water Habitat Networks for Manatees along Florida’s Gulf Coast: Developing a Vision, Identifying Gaps, and Prioritizing Restoration Sites This project will prioritize efforts to restore, enhance, and create warm-water habitats in order to provide a network of thermal shelters for manatees along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Lead Investigator: Charles Deutsch, Florida Fish … Continue reading

Multiple Stressors on Dolphins

Full Title: Developing a research framework to support assessments of cumulative effects from multiple stressors on dolphins in the Houston area under CERCLA and OPA This project will establish a collaborative working group to scope and design an evaluation framework for the assessment and restoration of Gulf of Mexico marine mammals in the face of … Continue reading

Marine Mammals and Acoustics

Full Title: Assessing Long-term Trends and Processes Driving Variability in Cetacean Density throughout the Gulf of Mexico using Passive Acoustic Monitoring and Habitat Modeling This project characterizes seasonal, annual, and decadal trends in marine mammal species in the Gulf of Mexico and assesses the role of ocean conditions and human activities in driving these trends. … Continue reading

Rice’s Whales

Full Title: Trophic Interactions and Habitat Requirements of Gulf of Mexico Rice’s Whales This project developed a comprehensive ecological understanding of Rice’s whales, including the physical, oceanographic, and biological features defining critical habitat and their ecological role in Gulf of Mexico marine food webs. The Team: Lance P. Garrison (Lead Investigator, NOAA, Melissa … Continue reading

Dolphin Tags

Full Title: Assessment of movement patterns and critical habitat for coastal and continental shelf small cetaceans in the Gulf of Mexico using newly developed remote satellite tagging techniques: Part 2 This project is developing a new and innovative approach for attaching satellite tags to small cetaceans without having to capture them. The Team: Michael Moore … Continue reading