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Louisiana Watershed Management

Full Title: Incorporating co-benefits and costs to coastal hazard mitigation decision making This project will develop a cost-benefit framework for watershed management that will inform and reduce uncertainties during project selection of the Louisiana Watershed Initiative. Photo by Rachelle Sanderson Photo by Rachelle Sanderson Lead Investigator: Rachelle Sanderson, Capital Region Planning Commission, Natural Resource … Continue reading

Freshwater Inflow Decision Tool

Full Title: Co-production of a water flow decision tool to support resource management. This project will explore the feasibility of a freshwater inflow decision tool that will provide managers with a better understanding of the impact of allowing water to flow to the coast, and how to maximize environmental, social, and economic benefits while adapting … Continue reading

Forecasting of Riverine Inflows

Full Title: From planning to adaptive management: Natural resources decision making in response to the allocation of riverine inflows in the northern Gulf of Mexico This project will result in a management and forecast system that allows resource managers to explore tradeoffs from restoration strategies as well as examine and optimize various riverine inflows. Lead … Continue reading

Water Quality in the Mississippi Sound Estuary

Full Title: Structured-decision making to co-produce an actionable science plan in support of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Coastal System Water Quality Management Managers and scientists will collaborate on a research plan to develop a science-based tool for quantifying and reducing critical uncertainties and supporting management of the Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Coastal System, especially with regard to … Continue reading

Tampa Bay Restoration

Full Title: Tampa Bay restoration and Pyrodinium bahamense blooms dynamics: Filling knowledge gaps to enhance recovery This project will guide and inform priority management options to reduce blooms of the toxic dinoflagellate, Pyrodinium bahamense, Tampa Bay. Lead Investigators: Cary Lopez ( and Sugandha Shankar, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Fish and Wildlife Research Institute Natural Resource … Continue reading