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Seagrass Resilience at the Chandeleur Islands

Informing project design and long-term monitoring and adaptive management of large-scale ecosystem restoration to maximize natural resource benefits through the protection and enhancement of seagrass habitat at the Chandeleur Islands, LA In their efforts to restore the Chandeleur Islands off coastal Louisiana, natural resource agencies must use the best available science and develop a long-term … Continue reading

Louisiana Watershed Management

Full Title: Incorporating co-benefits and costs to coastal hazard mitigation decision making This project will develop a cost-benefit framework for watershed management that will inform and reduce uncertainties during project selection of the Louisiana Watershed Initiative. Photo by Rachelle Sanderson Photo by Rachelle Sanderson Lead Investigator: Rachelle Sanderson, Capital Region Planning Commission, Natural Resource … Continue reading

Marsh Creation Planning

Full Title: Planning for a future of marsh creation: Evaluating the decision to continue to create high elevation confined marshes The project team will collaboratively scope and design research to inform decisions about the design of marsh creation projects. Lead Investigator: Tracy Quirk, Louisiana State University, Natural Resource Manager: Daniel Breaux, U.S. Fish and … Continue reading

Barrier Island Seagrass Community Restoration

Full Title: A decision-driven integrated ecosystem approach to maximize benefits of barrier island restoration and management of the Chandeleur Islands for seagrass and associated communities This project will scope and design a plan to address the uncertainties of restoring seagrasses and associated communities along barrier islands in Louisiana, which will inform the restoration and long-term … Continue reading

Oyster Contaminants

Oyster Contaminants Full Title: Use of elemental signatures to detect and trace contaminant entry to the northern Gulf of Mexico coastal food web: Managing multiple stressors This project tested whether trace elements associated with oil can be detected in oyster shells and serve as an indicator of oil exposure thus providing resource managers with a … Continue reading

Marsh Food Webs

Full Title: Linking community and food-web approaches to restoration: An ecological assessment of created and natural marshes influenced by river diversions This project investigates how river diversions influence the living communities, food web structure, and function of created versus natural marshes to inform the development of marsh restoration strategies. Learn more about this project on … Continue reading

Living Shoreline Tool

Living Shoreline Tool Full Title: Living shoreline site suitability model transfer for selected water bodies within the Gulf of Mexico: A GIS and remote sensing-based approach This project adapted an existing computer model for assessing the suitability of a site for construction of a living shoreline, applied the model to Perdido Bay/Wolf Bay/Ono Island complex … Continue reading