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Identifying Ecological Hotspots

Full Title: Defining abnormal events of oceanographic, biological, and physical properties in the Gulf of Mexico to identify data gaps The project characterized variability over space and time of ocean conditions in the Gulf of Mexico. The Team: Robert Arnone (Lead Investigator, The University of Southern Mississippi,, E. Brooke Jones (The University of Southern … Continue reading

Impact of Mississippi River

Full Title: The central role of the Mississippi River and its delta in the oceanography and ecology of the Gulf of Mexico large marine ecosystem This project provided the resource management community with information on how annual and seasonal flow patterns of the Mississippi River impact the salinity distribution of the Mississippi River Delta and … Continue reading

Spawning Aggregations

Full Title: Cooperative monitoring program for spawning aggregations in the Gulf of Mexico: an assessment of existing information, data gaps and research priorities This project identified fish spawning aggregation areas in the Gulf of Mexico and developed a framework for a long-term, cooperative research program focused on fish spawning aggregations. The Team: Brad Erisman (Lead Investigator, … Continue reading

Assessing Ecosystem Modeling

Full Title: Ecosystem modeling efforts in the Gulf of Mexico: current status and future needs to address management and restoration activities This project conducted a comprehensive review and assessment of ecosystem modeling efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. The Team: James Simons (Lead Investigator, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi,, Elizabeth A. Babcock (University of … Continue reading

Observing Systems and Ecosystem Management

Full Title: Evaluation of Gulf of Mexico oceanographic observation networks impact assessment on ecosystem management and recommendation This project assessed Gulf of Mexico observation networks from an ecosystem management perspective, based on an approach that has been successfully used to assess the capacity of ocean observing networks to effectively monitor ocean circulation. The Team: Matthieu … Continue reading

Ecosystem Indicators Inventory

Full Title: Inventory of Gulf of Mexico ecosystem indicators using an ecological resilience framework This project created a comprehensive guide for management using indicators of five common coastal habitats: salt marsh, mangrove, seagrass, oyster beds/reefs, and coral reefs. The Team: Kathleen Goodin (Lead Investigator, NatureServe,, Don Faber-Langendoen (NatureServe), Ken Dunton (The University of Texas … Continue reading

Indicators for Ecosystem Health and Services

Full Title: Indicators and assessment framework for ecological health and ecosystem services This project identified, developed, and evaluated ecological health and ecosystem services indicators and an associated assessment and decision framework. The Team: Larry D. McKinney (Lead Investigator, Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi,, Mark A. … Continue reading