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Manatee Warm-Water Habitat Networks

Full Title: Creating Secure Warm-Water Habitat Networks for Manatees along Florida’s Gulf Coast: Developing a Vision, Identifying Gaps, and Prioritizing Restoration Sites This project will prioritize efforts to restore, enhance, and create warm-water habitats in order to provide a network of thermal shelters for manatees along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Lead Investigator: Charles Deutsch, Florida Fish … Continue reading

Louisiana Watershed Management

Full Title: Incorporating co-benefits and costs to coastal hazard mitigation decision making This project will develop a cost-benefit framework for watershed management that will inform and reduce uncertainties during project selection of the Louisiana Watershed Initiative. Photo by Rachelle Sanderson Photo by Rachelle Sanderson Lead Investigator: Rachelle Sanderson, Capital Region Planning Commission, Natural Resource … Continue reading

Gulf of Mexico Island and Beach Restoration

Full Title: Restoration of Gulf of Mexico Islands and Beaches for Wildlife: Reducing the Uncertainty Stakeholder engagement will inform the development of a conceptual model to help environmental managers forecast how Gulf of Mexico habitats and wildlife may respond to various island and beach restoration management actions. Lead Investigator: James Nelson, University of Louisiana Lafayette,  … Continue reading

Shorebird Habitat Restoration

Full Title: Restoring coastal wetlands for shorebirds: Leveraging lessons learned to identify research priorities and strategies to maximize future success This project will develop a research and application plan to incorporate elevation profiles into restoration projects to enhance shorebird habitat in the Salt Bayou ecosystem on the upper Texas coast. Lead Investigator: Anna R. Armitage, … Continue reading

Freshwater Inflow Decision Tool

Full Title: Co-production of a water flow decision tool to support resource management. This project will explore the feasibility of a freshwater inflow decision tool that will provide managers with a better understanding of the impact of allowing water to flow to the coast, and how to maximize environmental, social, and economic benefits while adapting … Continue reading

Bahia Grande Ecosystem Recovery

Full Title: Is the widening of secondary channels in Bahia Grande needed to improve habitat quality and productivity for its linked basins?  Managers need to know if the Bahia Grande ecosystem is functioning as a nursery and/or foraging grounds for fish to make informed decisions regarding whether to open Bahia Grande to public use. Lead … Continue reading

Gulf Islands Case Study

Full Title: Decision support for multi-species coastal habitat management on properties with multi-use objectives The objective of the proposed project is to provide a transparent decision support framework to make optimal recommendations for listed species with conflicting habitat needs while also considering landowner objectives using a case study at the Gulf Islands National Seashore complex. … Continue reading

Multiple Stressors on Dolphins

Full Title: Developing a research framework to support assessments of cumulative effects from multiple stressors on dolphins in the Houston area under CERCLA and OPA This project will establish a collaborative working group to scope and design an evaluation framework for the assessment and restoration of Gulf of Mexico marine mammals in the face of … Continue reading

Coastal Bird Conservation

Full Title: Designing effective stewardship and post-restoration management plans through co-production to protect vulnerable Gulf of Mexico coastal birds This project will identify uncertainties around the effects of coastal bird stewardship and habitat management actions. Lead Investigator: Nicole L. Michel, National Audubon Society, Natural Resource Managers: Abby Darrah (Audubon Delta), Jeff Gleason (U.S. Fish … Continue reading

Forecasting of Riverine Inflows

Full Title: From planning to adaptive management: Natural resources decision making in response to the allocation of riverine inflows in the northern Gulf of Mexico This project will result in a management and forecast system that allows resource managers to explore tradeoffs from restoration strategies as well as examine and optimize various riverine inflows. Lead … Continue reading