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Planning for Actionable Science Seminar Series begins March 20

Join us on March 20 at 2 pm ET for the first seminar in our new series on Planning for Actionable Science in the Gulf of Mexico. 

In 2023, 10 projects were funded by the NOAA RESTORE Science Progam’s Actionable Science competition to conduct previously planned research in the Gulf of Mexico. Though each project conducted a collaborative planning process prior to receiving this funding, that process varied greatly from team to team. This seminar series will highlight the variety of approaches to planning applied research that were taken by each team. Planning activities include holding workshops to convene interested parties, conducting preliminary research to identify research gaps, and building relationships among team members to support better communication throughout the project. 

Join this series to hear lessons learned from teams that have prioritized collaborative processes in their research planning. For more information on the 10 projects funded, visit the award announcement.  

First up! We will be joined by Dr. Nicole Michel and Dr. Simon Brandl on March 20 at 2 pm ET. See more details about their presentations below. 

Dr. Nicole Michel, National Audubon Society

Designing Effective Stewardship and Post-Restoration Management Plans Through Co-Production to Protect Vulnerable Gulf of Mexico Coastal Birds

The project team implemented a NOAA-funded co-production process to identify and design a study to address uncertainties that hinder effective decision-making and implementation of effective coastal bird stewardship activities. The resulting research project will develop science-based guidance on environmental stewardship techniques for the Gulf of Mexico, which will help resource managers reduce threats from human disturbance to coastal-breeding bird populations. Learn more about the project here.

Dr. Simon J. Brandl, The University of Texas at Austin, Marine Science Institute 

A Scientific Basis for High-Stakes Decisions: Guiding and Improving Oyster Reef Management in Texas’ Estuaries

The project team used a co-production process that was built on academic interest in oyster reef ecosystems, but resulted in a strong applied framework to provide guidance for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in their management of Texas’ oyster reefs. The resulting research project will quantify the effects of oyster reef closures and other drivers on oyster reef functioning to help managers decide when and where reefs may benefit from being closed or managed using alternative solutions. Learn more about the project here