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The Science Program Completes External Program Review

In November 2021, the Science Program underwent a review of its first six years with a panel of external experts. The three-day review included a series of presentations and discussions that highlighted how the program has progressed since its inception in 2014 and a proposed pathway forward. A panel of six reviewers then evaluated the program’s quality, performance, and relevance and provided recommendations to strengthen the program. 

Take a look at the Program Review Summary, as well as presentations from Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 of the review for more information. 

Recommendations from the panel and the program’s responses to those recommendations can be found here. We have already implemented some of the recommendations and are working on others. One of the major recommendations from the review was to develop a new strategic plan for the Science Program to help guide our next steps. Our team is working now to develop a process for this strategic planning. 

For more information about the review process or to provide input, please contact the Science Program at