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Red Tide and Reef Fish Modeling

Operationalizing the West Florida Shelf ecosystem model and application to red tides, stock assessment, and catch advice for Gulf of Mexico reef fish The project team will update and improve upon an ecosystem model of the West Florida Shelf to account for red tide mortality when assessing Gulf of Mexico reef fish. The project will … Continue reading

Recreational Fishery Habitat Conservation

Implementation of a research plan to guide decisions on place-based recreational fishery conservation in Charlotte Harbor, FL In Charlotte Harbor, the essential nursery habitats of snook and tarpon are vulnerable to urban development and have no explicit habitat protections. The project team seeks to better inform county and state governments’ decisions by creating decision-making support … Continue reading

Building Next-Generation Fishery Forecasting Capacity

Building next-generation diagnostic and forecasting capacity to achieve management objectives by increasing stock assessment accuracy and throughput Management decisions about overfishing limits and acceptable biological catch estimates must be made for all harvested species subject to a fisheries management plan and are typically informed by stock assessments that model fishery dynamics and forecast stock trends. … Continue reading

Bahia Grande Ecosystem Recovery

Full Title: Is the widening of secondary channels in Bahia Grande needed to improve habitat quality and productivity for its linked basins?  Managers need to know if the Bahia Grande ecosystem is functioning as a nursery and/or foraging grounds for fish to make informed decisions regarding whether to open Bahia Grande to public use. Lead … Continue reading

Planning Next-Generation Fishery Forecasting Needs

Full Title: Planning a next-generation forecasting platform to achieve stock assessment and management objectives The project team will develop a roadmap for improving fishery forecasting by accounting for future environmental and management impacts to Gulf of Mexico fisheries. Lead Investigator: Nathan Vaughan, Vaughan Analytics, Natural Resource Managers: John Walter, Kate Siegfried, and Skyler Sagarese … Continue reading

Socioeconomic Impacts of Restoration

Full Title: Integrating socioeconomic impacts into fisheries restoration decisions This project will scope and design socioeconomic research to inform restoration planning decisions made for pollution incidents in the Gulf of Mexico. Lead Investigator: Lydia Olander, Nicholas Institute, Duke University, Natural Resource Manager: John W. Barco, NOAA Office for Habitat Conservation, Restoration Division Project Team: … Continue reading

Co-Production for Fishery Conservation

Full Title: Knowledge co-production for place-based recreational fishery conservation in Charlotte Harbor, Florida The project team will identify challenges to sustaining sport fish nursery habitats, map out realistic management strategies, and plan research that informs management choices. Lead Investigator: Corey Anderson, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Natural Resource Manager: Shaun Cullinan, J.D., Charlotte … Continue reading

Reef Fish Depredation

Full Title: Characterizing cryptic mortality in Gulf of Mexico reef fish: Evaluating the nature and extent of depredation The project team plans to describe the extent of depredation, or the removal of captured fish by non-target species before the fish can be retrieved by a fishing vessel, in the Gulf of Mexico to improve reef … Continue reading

Deep-Pelagic Fauna

Full Title: Trends and drivers of faunal abundance of the offshore Gulf of Mexico: Narrowing the data gap in the Gulf’s largest ecosystem component This project identifies long-term trends in fishes, shrimps, cephalopods, and other fauna in the deep-pelagic Gulf of Mexico (open ocean midwaters beyond the continental shelf, from just below the surface to … Continue reading

Reef Fish Survey

Full Title: Optimization and expansion of Gulf-wide video survey efforts to better characterize temporal and spatial variability in reef fish assemblages in response to drivers at multiple scales: The G-FISHER (Gulf Fishery Independent Survey of Habitat and Ecosystem Resources) program This project combines habitat and water quality information with three integrated reef fish surveys to … Continue reading