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Oysters, Blue Crabs, Seatrout

Full Title: Building Resilience for Oysters, Blue Crabs, and Spotted Seatrout to Environmental Trends and Variability in the Gulf of Mexico This project explores how oyster, blue crab, and spotted seatrout populations respond to human and environmental changes with the goal of improving the management of these economically and culturally important species. The Team: John … Continue reading

Red Snapper Management Tool

Full Title: A decision support tool for evaluating the impacts of short- and long-term management decisions on the Gulf of Mexico red snapper resource This project worked with fishery managers to develop a decision-support tool to assess the effectiveness of different long-term management strategies and short-term management regulations for the red snapper in the Gulf … Continue reading

Fisheries Ecosystem Models

Full Title: Ecosystem Modeling to Improve Fisheries Management in the Gulf of Mexico This project integrated information on ecosystem stressors and predator-prey interactions into the fisheries assessment and management process in the Gulf of Mexico. The Team: David Chagaris (Lead Investigator, University of Florida,, Skyler Sagarese (NOAA), Matthew Lauretta (NOAA), Kim de Mutsert (University … Continue reading

Bluefin Tuna Larvae

Bluefin Tuna Larvae Full Title: Effects of nitrogen sources and plankton food-web dynamics on habitat quality for the larvae of Atlantic bluefin tuna in the Gulf of Mexico This project investigated the link between nutrients, food availability, and the survival of Atlantic bluefin tuna larvae to improve stock assessments for this commercially and recreationally important … Continue reading

Spawning Aggregations

Full Title: Cooperative monitoring program for spawning aggregations in the Gulf of Mexico: an assessment of existing information, data gaps and research priorities This project identified fish spawning aggregation areas in the Gulf of Mexico and developed a framework for a long-term, cooperative research program focused on fish spawning aggregations. The Team: Brad Erisman (Lead Investigator, … Continue reading

Assessing Ecosystem Modeling

Full Title: Ecosystem modeling efforts in the Gulf of Mexico: current status and future needs to address management and restoration activities This project conducted a comprehensive review and assessment of ecosystem modeling efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. The Team: James Simons (Lead Investigator, Texas A&M University Corpus Christi,, Elizabeth A. Babcock (University of … Continue reading