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An Ecosystem-Based Conservation Framework for Oyster Reefs

DECORATE: Developing an ecosystem-based conservation framework for oyster reefs across Texas estuaries Previous management of oyster reefs in Texas has included closing oyster reefs to harvest, however the explicit effects of closures on the ecosystem functions of those reefs has not been well documented. The project team will quantify the effects of closures alongside other … Continue reading

Oysters, Blue Crabs, Seatrout

Full Title: Building Resilience for Oysters, Blue Crabs, and Spotted Seatrout to Environmental Trends and Variability in the Gulf of Mexico This project explores how oyster, blue crab, and spotted seatrout populations respond to human and environmental changes with the goal of improving the management of these economically and culturally important species. The Team: John … Continue reading

Oyster Planning Tool

Oyster Planning Tool Full Title: SPAT: Shellfish Portfolio Assessment Tool This project designed, tested, and applied a decision support tool to assist resource managers and oyster farmers in optimizing oyster resources in the State of Mississippi. The Team: Daniel R. Petrolia (Lead Investigator, Mississippi State University,, Ardian Harri (Mississippi State University), William C. Walton … Continue reading

Oyster Contaminants

Oyster Contaminants Full Title: Use of elemental signatures to detect and trace contaminant entry to the northern Gulf of Mexico coastal food web: Managing multiple stressors This project tested whether trace elements associated with oil can be detected in oyster shells and serve as an indicator of oil exposure thus providing resource managers with a … Continue reading