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Coastal Bird Conservation

Full Title: Designing effective stewardship and post-restoration management plans through co-production to protect vulnerable Gulf of Mexico coastal birds This project will identify uncertainties around the effects of coastal bird stewardship and habitat management actions. Lead Investigator: Nicole L. Michel, National Audubon Society, Natural Resource Managers: Abby Darrah (Audubon Delta), Jeff Gleason (U.S. Fish … Continue reading

Planning Next-Generation Fishery Forecasting Needs

Full Title: Planning a next-generation forecasting platform to achieve stock assessment and management objectives The project team will develop a roadmap for improving fishery forecasting by accounting for future environmental and management impacts to Gulf of Mexico fisheries. Lead Investigator: Nathan Vaughan, Vaughan Analytics, Natural Resource Managers: John Walter, Kate Siegfried, and Skyler Sagarese … Continue reading

Conservation Grazing in Coastal Uplands

Full Title: The potential for conservation grazing in coastal uplands This project will develop a research plan to address conservation grazing, or the use of livestock as an alternative or complementary habitat management strategy, in coastal uplands of the northern Gulf of Mexico. Lead Investigator: Eric Sparks, Mississippi State University and Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, … Continue reading

Seagrass Restoration & Resiliency

Full Title: Building resilience into seagrass bed restoration: The role of genetic variation This project will work to reduce the uncertainties of seagrass restoration by considering the impacts of genetic variation in remaining seagrass beds. Photo by Whitney Scheffel Photo by Anastasia Konefal Lead Investigator: T. Erin Cox, University of New Orleans, Natural Resource … Continue reading

Socioeconomic Impacts of Restoration

Full Title: Integrating socioeconomic impacts into fisheries restoration decisions This project will scope and design socioeconomic research to inform restoration planning decisions made for pollution incidents in the Gulf of Mexico. Lead Investigator: Lydia Olander, Nicholas Institute, Duke University, Natural Resource Manager: John W. Barco, NOAA Office for Habitat Conservation, Restoration Division Project Team: … Continue reading

Reef Fish Depredation

Full Title: Characterizing cryptic mortality in Gulf of Mexico reef fish: Evaluating the nature and extent of depredation The project team plans to describe the extent of depredation, or the removal of captured fish by non-target species before the fish can be retrieved by a fishing vessel, in the Gulf of Mexico to improve reef … Continue reading

Marine Mammals and Acoustics

Full Title: Assessing Long-term Trends and Processes Driving Variability in Cetacean Density throughout the Gulf of Mexico using Passive Acoustic Monitoring and Habitat Modeling This project characterizes seasonal, annual, and decadal trends in marine mammal species in the Gulf of Mexico and assesses the role of ocean conditions and human activities in driving these trends. … Continue reading

Deep-Pelagic Fauna

Full Title: Trends and drivers of faunal abundance of the offshore Gulf of Mexico: Narrowing the data gap in the Gulf’s largest ecosystem component This project identifies long-term trends in fishes, shrimps, cephalopods, and other fauna in the deep-pelagic Gulf of Mexico (open ocean midwaters beyond the continental shelf, from just below the surface to … Continue reading

Reef Fish Survey

Full Title: Optimization and expansion of Gulf-wide video survey efforts to better characterize temporal and spatial variability in reef fish assemblages in response to drivers at multiple scales: The G-FISHER (Gulf Fishery Independent Survey of Habitat and Ecosystem Resources) program This project combines habitat and water quality information with three integrated reef fish surveys to … Continue reading

Marsh Birds and Fire

Marsh Birds and Fire Full Title: Fire effects in Gulf of Mexico marshes: Historical perspectives, management, and monitoring of mottled ducks and black and yellow rails This project investigates how three bird species of concern (black rail, yellow rail, and mottled duck) respond to different prescribed fire management regimes within high marsh ecosystems across the … Continue reading