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REMINDER: Letters of Intent due July 8 for NOAA RESTORE Science Program’s Funding Opportunity (FFO-2017)

Letters of intent for the NOAA RESTORE Science Program’s current funding competition (full announcement) are due via email to by 11:59pm., Eastern Time on July 8, 2016. Letters of intent are required for this competition. A full application that is not preceded by a letter of intent will not be considered. This current funding … Continue reading

NOAA RESTORE Science Program Update: Next Funding Opportunity

The Science Program anticipates releasing its next funding opportunity by mid-May. It will focus on living coastal and marine resources and their habitats and will request proposals addressing specific areas of research or decision support tools. Proposals will be invited for projects from one to three years in duration with $15-17 million available. Letters of … Continue reading

NOAA RESTORE Science Program’s Next Funding Competition

The NOAA RESTORE Science Program is planning to announce its next funding competition between mid-April and mid-May of 2016. This competition will focus on two of the Science Program’s ten long-term research priorities: Comprehensive understanding of living coastal and marine resources, food web dynamics, habitat utilization, protected areas, and carbon flow Decision-support tools to assist … Continue reading

NOAA RESTORE Science Program Announces First Awards

The NOAA RESTORE Science Program has completed its first funding competition and awarded approximately $2.7 million to seven research teams. These teams and their projects were selected following a rigorous and highly competitive process which included a review by a panel of outside experts. Each of the research teams will be addressing one or more … Continue reading

NOAA RESTORE Science Program Announces First Funding Opportunity

The NOAA RESTORE Science Program released its first federal funding opportunity (FFO-2015) on December 17, 2014 (click here for full announcement). The program is seeking proposals that will produce timely and high-quality scientific results that may be used to develop management strategies to support the sustainability of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem, including its fisheries. … Continue reading

NOAA RESTORE Science Program Update

NOAA continues to make progress in its development of the NOAA RESTORE Science Program and is advancing towards release of the science plan for the Program and the Program’s initial federal funding opportunity (FFO). Additional details on both releases are below along with information on an upcoming engagement opportunity. Science Plan NOAA continues to develop … Continue reading