Funding Opportunities


The NOAA RESTORE Science Program supports research, observation, and monitoring in the Gulf of Mexico to address regional science and management needs. The Science Program will periodically announce federal funding opportunities (FFOs) to which eligible applicants can apply and compete for funding.

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Funding Mechanisms

The NOAA RESTORE Science Program will generally use competitive, peer-review approaches when selecting projects for funding and rely most often on grants and/or cooperative agreements to make awards. The Program may also use other means, including contracts, to ensure the flexibility needed to do the work required and involve appropriate partners.

Future Opportunities

The long-term priorities captured in the science plan will serve as the basis for future funding opportunities from the Program. The Program will select the priorities to be addressed in each funding opportunity based on several factors including stakeholder input on critical regional science and management needs, the topics being addressed by other science initiatives, new research results, gaps in our scientific knowledge, and the extent to which addressing a priority will advance the mission of the program.

Recent Opportunities

The Program released its second federal funding opportunity (FFO-2017) on June 1, 2016 (overview and full announcement). The Program announced the awards from this competition on July 12, 2017.

The Program’s first federal funding opportunity (FFO-2015) closed on March 17, 2015 (overview and full announcement). The Program announced the awards from this competition on September 1, 2015.