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Rice’s Whales

Full Title: Trophic Interactions and Habitat Requirements of Gulf of Mexico Rice’s Whales This project developed a comprehensive ecological understanding of Rice’s whales, including the physical, oceanographic, and biological features defining critical habitat and their ecological role in Gulf of Mexico marine food webs. The Team: Lance P. Garrison (Lead Investigator, NOAA, Melissa … Continue reading


Turtlegrass Full Title: Gulf-wide assessment of habitat use and habitat-specific production estimates of nekton in turtlegrass (Thalassia testudinum) This project assessed the use of turtlegrass by finfish and shellfish across the northern Gulf Mexico and evaluated the specific ways seagrass supports blue crabs, a commercially important species. The Team: Kelly M. Darnell (Lead Investigator, The … Continue reading


Linking habitat to recruitment: Evaluating the importance of pelagic Sargassum to fisheries management in the Gulf of Mexico This project evaluated the importance of sargassum as a nursery habitat for fish in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Figure showing potential locations of Sargassum collection (red circles). Locations based on SEAMAP Plankton survey. From the … Continue reading

Red Snapper Management Tool

Full Title: A decision support tool for evaluating the impacts of short- and long-term management decisions on the Gulf of Mexico red snapper resource This project worked with fishery managers to develop a decision-support tool to assess the effectiveness of different long-term management strategies and short-term management regulations for the red snapper in the Gulf … Continue reading

Oyster Planning Tool

Oyster Planning Tool Full Title: SPAT: Shellfish Portfolio Assessment Tool This project designed, tested, and applied a decision support tool to assist resource managers and oyster farmers in optimizing oyster resources in the State of Mississippi. The Team: Daniel R. Petrolia (Lead Investigator, Mississippi State University,, Ardian Harri (Mississippi State University), William C. Walton … Continue reading

Oyster Contaminants

Oyster Contaminants Full Title: Use of elemental signatures to detect and trace contaminant entry to the northern Gulf of Mexico coastal food web: Managing multiple stressors This project tested whether trace elements associated with oil can be detected in oyster shells and serve as an indicator of oil exposure thus providing resource managers with a … Continue reading

Mobile Bay Tool

Full Title: Expansion of [now known as ARCOS] for coastal Alabama resource management This project improved and expanded an observing network and website that provides accurate real-time weather and water quality data to Alabama environmental managers and the public. Figure showing the locations of continuous data collection devices in Mobile Bay, AL (red circles). … Continue reading

Migratory Birds

Migratory Birds Full Title: A multiscale approach to understanding migratory land bird habitat use of functional stopover habitat types and management efforts This project investigated migratory bird use of stopover habitats to inform bird habitat protection and restoration decisions in the Gulf of Mexico region. The Team: Theodore J. Zenzal Jr, Ph.D. (Lead Investigator, U.S. … Continue reading

Marsh Food Webs

Full Title: Linking community and food-web approaches to restoration: An ecological assessment of created and natural marshes influenced by river diversions This project investigates how river diversions influence the living communities, food web structure, and function of created versus natural marshes to inform the development of marsh restoration strategies. Learn more about this project on … Continue reading

Local Coastal Tool

Full Title: A Web-Based Interactive Decision-Support Tool for Adaptation of Coastal Urban and Natural Ecosystems (ACUNE) in Southwest Florida This project developed a decision support tool to aid resource managers, municipalities, and a county with decisions related to the preservation and restoration of mangrove, marsh, and beach habitats; water management; and coastal planning, zoning, and … Continue reading