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Gulf of Mexico Island and Beach Restoration

Full Title: Restoration of Gulf of Mexico Islands and Beaches for Wildlife: Reducing the Uncertainty Stakeholder engagement will inform the development of a conceptual model to help environmental managers forecast how Gulf of Mexico habitats and wildlife may respond to various island and beach restoration management actions. Lead Investigator: James Nelson, University of Louisiana Lafayette,  … Continue reading

Shorebird Habitat Restoration

Full Title: Restoring coastal wetlands for shorebirds: Leveraging lessons learned to identify research priorities and strategies to maximize future success This project will develop a research and application plan to incorporate elevation profiles into restoration projects to enhance shorebird habitat in the Salt Bayou ecosystem on the upper Texas coast. Lead Investigator: Anna R. Armitage, … Continue reading

Gulf Islands Case Study

Full Title: Decision support for multi-species coastal habitat management on properties with multi-use objectives The objective of the proposed project is to provide a transparent decision support framework to make optimal recommendations for listed species with conflicting habitat needs while also considering landowner objectives using a case study at the Gulf Islands National Seashore complex. … Continue reading

Tampa Bay Restoration

Full Title: Tampa Bay restoration and Pyrodinium bahamense blooms dynamics: Filling knowledge gaps to enhance recovery This project will guide and inform priority management options to reduce blooms of the toxic dinoflagellate, Pyrodinium bahamense, Tampa Bay. Lead Investigators: Cary Lopez ( and Sugandha Shankar, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Fish and Wildlife Research Institute Natural Resource … Continue reading

Mobile Bay Tool

Full Title: Expansion of [now known as ARCOS] for coastal Alabama resource management This project improved and expanded an observing network and website that provides accurate real-time weather and water quality data to Alabama environmental managers and the public. Figure showing the locations of continuous data collection devices in Mobile Bay, AL (red circles). … Continue reading

Local Coastal Tool

Full Title: A Web-Based Interactive Decision-Support Tool for Adaptation of Coastal Urban and Natural Ecosystems (ACUNE) in Southwest Florida This project is developing a decision support tool to aid resource managers, municipalities, and a county with decisions related to the preservation and restoration of mangrove, marsh, and beach habitats; water management; and coastal planning, zoning, … Continue reading

Living Shoreline Tool

Living Shoreline Tool Full Title: Living shoreline site suitability model transfer for selected water bodies within the Gulf of Mexico: A GIS and remote sensing-based approach This project adapted an existing computer model for assessing the suitability of a site for construction of a living shoreline, applied the model to Perdido Bay/Wolf Bay/Ono Island complex … Continue reading

Ecosystem Indicators Inventory

Full Title: Inventory of Gulf of Mexico ecosystem indicators using an ecological resilience framework This project created a comprehensive guide for management using indicators of five common coastal habitats: salt marsh, mangrove, seagrass, oyster beds/reefs, and coral reefs. The Team: Kathleen Goodin (Lead Investigator, NatureServe,, Don Faber-Langendoen (NatureServe), Ken Dunton (The University of Texas … Continue reading

Indicators for Ecosystem Health and Services

Full Title: Indicators and assessment framework for ecological health and ecosystem services This project identified, developed, and evaluated ecological health and ecosystem services indicators and an associated assessment and decision framework. The Team: Larry D. McKinney (Lead Investigator, Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi,, Mark A. … Continue reading